Semalt: How To Position A Website From The Production Industry?

SEO for the manufacturing companies is one of the most effective channels to reach the new customers and distributors. Read our article to find out how to outrun your competition in the search results.

Characteristics of the manufacturing industry

The economic activities that specialize in the production of the products include the so-called manufacturing companies. These companies can differ from each other by many criteria. The most important of these is the type of good produced and the type of production. Therefore, we will find the companies that carry out unit, serial, and mass production. Over the years, this sector of the economy has grown significantly. In Europe, the cosmetics, carpentry, and the construction industries are doing the best. Everything indicates that the manufacturing sector will grow at an even faster pace in the next few years.

The process of the positioning a company website in the production industry

Taking into account that the production sector in Europe is constantly growing, we must keep in mind the competitiveness of the producers in the individual industries. It is therefore worth taking care of the issues of an effective marketing strategy that will distinguish oneself from others. One of the best channels to reach the new customers is the aforementioned Google search engine. The SEO activities should be matched to the type of our website An online store is positioned differently, and other activities will be dedicated to the websites in the form of a company's business card.

Positioning of online stores with products

A good solution is also the so-called long tail, that means the well-defined queries consisting of several words. These keywords are usually searched by the customers looking for the specific products, so you can effectively increase the number and value of the conversions on the page. You can use many tools to find the keywords with the best parameters like ubersuggest.

If your brand becomes recognizable online, it is worth starting brand-focused positioning with our service of AutoSEO, a unique SEO tool for website promotion. Choose the key phrases with the name of your company: natural cosmetics + brand.

The increase in the power and authority of the website will undoubtedly bring us more visibility in the SERP. We can then try to position our online store for more competitive keywords that will be tailored to our product categories. These keywords usually contain very general words with a large volume of the searches in a given month. This makes these key phrases much more difficult but may increase the traffic to the website by up to several hundred percent.

In the case of the selecting keywords for the customers from the B2B sector, the phrases that have the following structure will work well: product name + the word "manufacturer". We can then be sure that we will reach the right contractors with our offer.

Website positioning in the form of business cards

If you do not want to run your online store, it is worth setting up a website in the form of a business card. In this case, we should focus on presenting our products and the brand itself in the best possible way. It will be a good practice to create a website that will have the various subpages. The one-page version may be unfavorable from an SEO point of view.

In this case, the positioning will also be focused on the selection of the appropriate keywords that will be tailored to the group of the customers from the various sales sectors. Business cards often refer to the local industry. If we only want to reach people from the selected area with our offer, it is worth using the keywords as part of local positioning. The phrases should contain the name of the selected area/region.

Often, instead of a product list, on the website in the form of a business card, we can find the manufacturer's catalogs in pdf format. By observing the changes in the Google search engine, we can notice that the documents with such an extension are indexed, so it is worth taking care of its correct optimization. The most important issues are the right name, friendly URL, small size, and the responsiveness of the pdf file.

The positioning of the e-commerce and image websites may not bring the intended results if we do not take care of its appropriate technical optimization. All the most important activities in this field can be found in our blog

Content marketing in the industrial sector

The keywords that I mentioned earlier are the best placed valuable and unique content on the website. The industrial sector is product-based, so the category and assortment descriptions are very important. Make sure that your texts are free from the internal and external duplication. You can use Semalt Powerful SEO Tools for Your Business. Those tools should also provide the users with relevant information about our offer.

A good solution will also be to set up a company blog with the articles about our products and the industry guides. Thanks to this, you will provide the customers with the important information and strengthen their involvement on the website. A company blog can also make you a true expert in your field. It is also not worth limiting yourself to the entries. Tutorial or promotional videos will also be a great idea to drive traffic to your site.

Each text added to the website should be properly optimized. Take care of:

  • Unique subpage titles and their descriptions, enriched with keywords.
  • Headings (H1-H3) - the body should contain the headings with an appropriate hierarchy.
  • Bolds and italics - it can be used to highlight the keywords or important information important for a given subpage.
  • Size and alt descriptions of photos - optimize the weight of the graphics on the website and place the dedicated alternative descriptions of the photos.
  • Internal linking - include the links to other subpages in the content to facilitate the navigation on the website.
These are the key factors that are useful to the readers and the Google crawlers. After its application, it is possible to gain high positions in the search engine for the selected keywords.

Carry out activities related to content marketing simultaneously on your Social Media channels. This is a great place to interact with your customers, as well as providing additional support for the external linking activities. There you can inform about the new blog entries, products, or changes in the company. Undoubtedly, the right strategy that will attract the attention of the potential customers is important here.

Offsite activities

External linking

Link building is also an important aspect of the positioning process. Getting the links from the external websites is a ranking factor. To strengthen the position of our online store or the company's showcase, it is worth choosing the sources that have a high authority. Another important aspect of choosing the right place is the subject matter itself. It is better to link from the websites related to our company's profile. If we position ourselves locally, choose the portals from our region. The links itself should appear on the external domains in a very natural way. The links should be diversified in the context of anchor / clean link and doffolow/noffolow tags.

Also, remember to not link from one place all the time. The more links from the valuable domains, the better we can get links from:
  • Company catalogs
  • Sponsored articles on industry websites
  • Guest posts on other blogs
  • Forums
  • Business partner websites
  • Advertisements
  • Social media
A good solution when you are looking for the valuable domains will be the competition analysis. It is worth checking on an ongoing basis where the competitors get their links to their websites. You can find all the tips on the competition monitoring with Semalt Website Analytics product.

Google business card

Thanks to it, we can mark the place of our store, office or factory on the map. It is important for the manufacturing companies mainly due to contact with the distributors or the local customers. The business card also contains a description of the company, reviews, opening hours, and photos. It is worth having this service to strengthen the customer confidence in our brand.


Currently, there are more and more production companies, which are associated with high competition in the selected sales markets. A well-chosen marketing strategy will help you to appear on the web. If you want to stay ahead of the other companies, follow their activities, and respond to the needs of your clients. Properly selected SEO activities as Semlat proposes for the manufacturing industry will allow you to reach the right target group most effectively.


1. How to position an online store from the manufacturing industry?

An important element of positioning an online store is the selection of the appropriate keywords. In the manufacturing industry, everything should be tailored to B2C and B2B customers. It is worth taking care of placing the unique and valuable product descriptions or the blog posts on the website. The external linking will provide additional support for the entire positioning process. It is also crucial to optimize your e-commerce website correctly.

2. How to position the website in the form of a production company's business card?

If the company does not sell online, it is worth building a website with the most important information about the manufacturer and its products. A good solution for further positioning will be the creation of several subpages with unique and high-quality content. Place the selected keywords and tailored it to a specific audience. Also, don't forget about the external linking.

3. Is Content Marketing effective in the manufacturing industry?

The Content Marketing is a very important element in the SEO process of the websites from the production industry. It allows you to enrich the website with valuable and natural content. By creating a company blog, we can become real experts in their field. This has a very positive effect on the perception of our brand and the trust of the customers. Content marketing activities should also be carried out on your social media channels.